We optimize your chemical dosage

Best dosing of chemicals

Since the year 2000 ARU develops and distributes control systems for automatic dosing of purification chemicals in the area of municipal and industrial water treatment. With optical measuring methods, the success of the dosing is controlled directly, and the dosing quantity of the chemicals can be optimized automatically.
Our services in this area range from process optimization through to measurement and control design of processes as well as planning and construction of automatic dosing equipment.

Optimal dosage of purification chemicals

The required dosing quantity of the treatment chemicals can be controlled through the evaluation of specific optical properties, such as the optical density or the colour of the treated water.
This procedure guarantees an optimal water treatment in continuous operation, even if the properties of water are changing.

The procedure is suitable for:
- precipitation
- flocculation
- emulsion splitting
- precipitation of heavy metals

Control of water quality

Our strength is the use of optical techniques, which ensure a continuous monitoring of the water quality - even under the most difficult conditions.

Low-maintenance measuring technology

Everywhere where conventional measurement techniques are failing, our optical measurement systems are used.
We can adapt our measurement technology to the needs, and can measure even the properties of problematic water.
Physical properties such as colour and turbidity can be measured with contactless probes and with very low-maintenance.

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